Educational iPad app | UI design

The V1.0 app was initially rushed to the App Store, so the original UI was in desperate need of a visual hierarchy, and the overall experience needed refining to increase ease-of-use and time spent in the app. Previous feedback had been wholly negative based on the outdated look and inconsistent performance of the app, so we wanted to create something that would engage kids while appearing trustworthy and reliable.

My role for this project was as principle UI/UX designer, working alongside the project manager, and in collaboration with the team of mobile developers.

The app redesign process began with listing our must-have's based on user research and customer feedback. These included:

  1. Easier content and tab navigation
  2. A visual representation of the score
  3. More prominent submit button
  4. A "fun" summary page
  5. An cleaner, more modern overall design

There were some standard and not-so-standard constraints from other departments such as the colors and general design of some of the content, adhering to brand guidelines and established styles found on the corresponding website, and limitations in the code stack that restricted the type and amount of functionality and interactivity possible on various screens. These were the biggest challenges while attempting to solve UI and UX problems, but after much collaboration and cooperation between teams we produced a new base design that we knew would and could grow.

Despite these hurdles, our primary goal was to deliver an app for kids that would be easy to use and stimulating to young minds.

Below are some before and after images of the original and the app redesign.

The app redesign also included a refresh of the App Store icon. The previous design was outdated and lacked a modern look to match the new interface. The inspiration was the design aesthetic introduced in Apple's iOS7. Below is the side-by-side comparison.